Ubisoft has revealed that players can expect to get their hands on Beyond Good & Evil 2 as soon as “end of 2019”, which might be sour news for some.

Following the explosive reveal that Jade would be in Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 2018, many players are pissing themselves with excitement over the upcoming prequel, but they might have to hold their horses as it looks like the game might not actually arrive until 2020.

Over on Instagram, Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel has revealed that players will be able to get their hands on the ambitious game’s beta at the end of 2019. In a reply to a comment on one of the stunning concept arts posted on his page, he wrote: “We aim for a playable beta for the end of next year.”

Usually betas for games, especially ones as ambitious as this, come a couple of months ahead of the game’s full release. So this could suggest that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is aiming for either an Early 2020 release, or a very, very late 2019 release.

At this point we can likely look towards E3 2019 for more info on that front. Only twelve months to go, eh?

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