In news that no one ever asked for, ever, Big the Cat will be a playable racer in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing.

Announced on Sonic the Hedgehog’s 27th birthday, Big the Cat was revealed as part of Team Rose. Team Rose will be Amy, Chao and Big the Cat. No mention of whether Froggy will make an appearance, but if there is a God, there’ll be no mention.

Amy Rose is the speed character, with her official synopsis being: “The perky and always positive pink hedgehog that won’t let anything stand in her way.”

Chao will be the technique character of the team: “A lovable creature that’s eager to provide aid to teammates.”

While Big the Cat will be the shit power character: “A purple cat with a heart as big as his strong physique.”

Team Rose joins Team Sonic and Team Dark in the character list so far. Sega said to expect other teams to be appearing from the Sonic universe, so expect to see Team Chaotix at some point.

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