July 4 is a pretty exciting day for Americans. Yeah, there are the fireworks and the parties and whatnot, but there are also some great television marathons, like SyFy’s traditional Twilight Zone marathon.

This year, another sci-fi-themed channel, Comet, will be airing an Outer Limits marathon on the holiday. There’s going to be an interesting twist to their marathon as well: every episode from the original series from the sixties will be followed by its remake from the series revival in the nineties.

The Outer Limits was a sci-fi television show that ran from 1963 to 1965; its revival ran from 1995-2002. It is often compared to The Twilight Zone because both shows ran on TV around the same time and are considered sci-fi anthology series, though The Outer Limits usually stuck much closer to genre expectations and tended to be more about action and suspense rather than encapsulating a moral message or social commentary, most of the time.

The full schedule for Comet’s Outer Limits marathon can be viewed here. The marathon begins at 10 AM EST on July 4 and ends at 2 AM EST on July 5.

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