Earlier this week, it was reported on Reddit that Amazon Spain had taken to cancelling all the preorders it had taken for Crackdown 3. Naturally this lead to speculation that we’d be getting a cancellation announcement very soon.

Fans of the series have been starved of news since it’s announcement back at the 2014 edition of E3 and fear that the game was slowly becoming vaporware was starting to set in.

Microsofts General Manger of Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, was quick to dispel these rumours:

Thankfully it was quickly established that the error was on Amazons side and was “being addressed”:

Obviously there’s some concern from fans, including myself, surrounding Crackdown 3, as it missed it’s 2016 and 2017 release dates. With a supposed release around Q2/Q3 of 2018, maybe there’s potential for an announcement at this years E3? Especially seeing as we’re half way through Q/2. It’d probably be a wise move on Microsofts part considering a potential cancellation is the most news we’ve had on the game in a while.

Maybe we can attach a new Halo multiplayer beta to this release, just like the original Crackdown release? To be honest, I just want to chase some agility orbs around again,

What do you guys think? Will we see an announcement at E3, or will Crackdown 3 become another potentially great exclusive that Microsoft lets fall to the wayside? Let us know in the comments below!

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