In April 2018, Scavenger Studios made their Battle Royale brawler, Darwin Project, free-to-play for PC users. Naturally this left the Xbox players wondering if they’d be getting the free treatment, or whether they’d be left to stump up the $15 for the game.

Thankfully, as of July 4, they won’t have to pay a thing as Darwin Project will be going free-to-play on Xbox One.

Developers Scavenger Studios didn’t elaborate much on the move though Creative Director, Simon Darveau, admitted that the reasoning behind the free-to-play move on the PC was to entice new players as their player base had begin to dwindle to the point of customers complaining about “longer queue times and difficulty finding matches in lesser populated servers”.

If you’ve already purchased the game on Xbox One, fear not. As a way to reimburse players who have already invested, Scavenger Studios will be giving out Founder Packs on July 3. If you want a refund, you can contact Xbox support to get your money back.

While not just going free-to-play, Scavenger Studios will also be working to fine-tune it’s combat, player powers and tile system.

Will you be jumping in to try Darwin Project once it goes free to play? Or will you be getting a refund? Let us know in the comment section below!

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