Sony has today announced that their post-apocalyptic zombie game, Days Gone, will be hitting PS4 on Feburary 22, 2019.

As promised, as part of their pre-E3 announcement slate, Sony has announced release date for one of their upcoming first party titles. Unsurprisingly it’s Days Gone which will now be releasing in 2019. The announcement comes with a brand new trailer which gives us another look at their upcoming title.

The trailer shows off two additional threats in the game outside of the usual zombie affair: mountain lions or cougars. Yep, there’s more than just the undead threatening to put an end to Deacon’s life. There are also infected ravens, called Criers.

We’re also given another look at Marauders who’ll be causing trouble for Deacon as they torch a car and send it rolling into the road. Fortunately he managed to get away, but not before running out of gas.

Finally, Sony has revealed a new enemy faction for the game, Rest in Peace, or R.I.P.. As you might be able to guess from their name, they’re not the most friendliest of characters. This cult worships the Freakers and also dress like them too. They also kill anyone who isn’t a Ripper – the name of the members of this cult. It’s also been revealed that Rippers don’t kill Freakers, so bringing in a Swarm to a Ripper camp can cause quite the commotion.

There are plenty more Days Gone details over on the PlayStation Blog including an introduction to a few more of the more friendlier characters seen in the trailer. We’re also expecting more info out of E3 2018.

In the mean time, check out the trailer below.

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