Deadpool, The Merc with a Mouth returned to the big screen with a sequel which saw him delve elbow deep into X-men references and foul-mouthed humour and we’ve found four things that were heard and said during the film which might need a little expansion to show off our big comic book brains.

You know the type of things, the little references in dialogues or minor cameos you should watch out for such as Juggernaut. I kind of miss Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut, the only real highlight of X-Men the Last Stand.

Though I must confess, it’s kind of great to an almost perfect transfer of a character from the page to screen. In the case of the new Juggernaut, it’s a lot more accurate, for one, he’s not Vinnie Jones. Secondly, he has his iconic helmet.

Do you know he’s not a mutant? His power actually comes from an alien crystal that briefly endowed Colossus a couple of years ago. I bet your mind is blown right? Well, did you also know he’s Professor X’s half-brother?

Then there’s Essex. The name Essex may sound familiar to those who watched X-Men Apocolypse and saw a strange corporation appear in the post-credits scene. Well, Essex (at least the word) appears again as the name of the correctional facility where mutant children are violently abused. Essex is the last name of X-Men baddie, Nathaniel Essex AKA Mister Sinister.

In the comics, he even worked at a care home where Scott Summers AKA Cyclops lived.

SPOILER: (Highlight to read)

You know the pale guy who Deadpool kills when he first encounters Fire Fist? I think he was Sinister and he’s not dead.

Mojoverse is another. Shatterstar thinks he’s better than everyone right? Did you know the Mojoverse is an alternate dimension ran by a dictator who looks like a skinny Jabba the Hutt whose obsessed with sadistic gladiator games?

Finally, the movie’s other main character Cable, the gruff dude from the future has a lot more to do with the X-Men that you might know. Did you know he’s the son of Cyclops and that his daughter, Hope, was a big deadly X-Man for a while?

Also, in case you were wondering, his mutant power is being a technopath.

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