Bungie announced today that Destiny 2 will be getting a “Taken King” sized expansion this fall… at least that’s what I’m comparing it to.

This will be the first major expansion to Destiny 2. I know Bungie means this in a way that refers to the amount of content we will or should be getting, but it also ironically is the first “major expansion” to Destiny 2 because the other two DLC’s that we’ve received so far have been garbage…

Destiny 2: Forsaken will offer two new destinations to explore as well as new weapons, armor, and Supers to collect. This “major expansion” will take players on an adventure to the wild frontiers of our solar system to locations where the lines of justice and revenge are obscured. Forsaken will also introduce a new game mode called Gambit.

Gambit is a collaborative, end-game mode that combines PvP with PvE and puts teams of 4 against one another. This game mode is focused on including something for every type of player to enjoy. For those that thrive off competitive gameplay to those that love mowing down waves of enemy aliens there is something in it for everyone. Thankfully players won’t need to wait long to try out this new mode; it will be available to test during E3 2018.

Project lead Scott Taylor said, “Since the launch of the Destiny franchise, we have always strived to create innovative experiences that will challenge and reward different kinds of players and ensure their beloved pastime is rewarding. We can’t wait to share Forsaken’s new Gambit mode with our fans and offer them a new way to play that can be enjoyed competitively and cooperatively.”

Destiny 2: Forsaken Screenshot

Byron Beede, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Destiny at Activision added, “With an absorbing new story, created by High Moon Studios in partnership with Bungie, Destiny 2: Forsaken offers core players an epic experience, and offers a compelling entry point for new players. I’m looking forward to watching players get their hands on some of the most requested features requested by the dedicated Destiny 2 community.”

Players will journey to a new area in The Reef which has been overrun by lawlessness. It is your job to investigate the unrest in the region and explore these untamed lands. You will awaken new powers and find new, powerful weapons along the way. Bungie is giving players the long requested end game content they’ve been calling for with the Dreaming City destination. Packed with secrets to unearth and bosses to fight, the Dreaming City will also be the host to the newest Raid, and is the first space in Destiny 2 designed specifically for end game content.

But that’s not all. Around the launch of Forsaken, every Destiny 2 player will receive more highly sought after changes to the game. Features like a new weapon slot system, random rolls, mod systems improvements, along with a hand full of other quality-of-life improvements.

Destiny 2 will be releasing Forsaken as a package deal, as well as the chance to purchase an “annual pass” and a Digital Deluxe edition featuring premium digital content for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. At launch, PlayStation players will get access to timed exclusive content which includes a strike, one gear set per class, a new ship and an exotic weapon. When Destiny 2: Forsaken drops, the previously released Destiny 2 launch timed exclusives will be made available for all platforms.

While all of this sounds promising it remains to be seen if these changes are the ones fans have been clamoring for. Yes, on paper this seems to be the patch we’ve been demanding since Destiny 2 released. However, the past two DLC’s left a LOT to be desired, so I would take this official announcement with a grain of salt until we see or hear more about it.

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