Dick Tracy is back! The banana coloured detective is making his return to comics at the request of IDW Comics with Michael Allred at the helm.

IDW, of course, has had a lot of success when publishing comics about nostalgia properties including, just look at it’s collections of Transformers, G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.

So, whose Dick Tracy? Will Dick Tracy is a detective commonly depicted wearing a yellow trench coat and a hat to match. He seems like a detective on the same level as Sherlock Holmes, Batman and even Gil Grissom from CSI and even has rogues gallery to match.

Back in the 90s he even had a live-action blockbuster adaptation that featured pop star Madonna and apparently, her performance was critically ravaged.

“Dick Tracy is an instantly recognizable old-school icon, like Mickey Mouse and Superman, but he’s been out of the spotlight a while and due for a curtain call. We want to shake it up and show the glow in the 21st Century,” Allred said in a statement. “I always get a big kick working with my first-ever collaborator and big brother, Lee Allred, as well as my favorite colorist and favorite wife, Laura. But I’m crazy excited about working with Rich Tommaso! He is one of the most innovative and thrilling cartoonists working in comics. I’m lit up with giddy shock that he’s letting me slop ink on his beautifully rendered pencils, keeping me on my toes to do the work justice on this thrilling series!”

Fancy giving Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive a go? Check out the first issue in digital or paper in September or if you fancy going deep you can even check the back issues trades they have on offer to buy.

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