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E3 2018: Another Sight First Impressions

Lots of potential here.

Another Sight is a surreal fantasy game from Lunar Great Studios in which you play as Kit (Katherine) exploring the Victorian underworld of London. The game world is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Mystical Neverwhere, an influence which comes out in the art style as much as the setting.

At the beginning of the game, a tunnel collapse results in Kit finding herself in an unknown and surreal area beneath London. She is experiencing limited movement so can’t move around fast and can’t see much either. To say she’s blind would be inaccurate but her vision has been impaired. Luckily for her, shortly after the collapse she meets a cat who will help guide her on her journey back to the surface.

This is the way in which the main mechanic of Another Sight is introduced. Played as a 2D platformer, you must guide Kit and the cat through the tunnels, meeting famous people on the way who can help you get home. Each character is controlled independently from one another (which does upset the pacing slightly) but is the basis for the puzzles throughout the game. For example, you may have to control the cat to go ahead and flick a switch for Kit to allow her to catch up.

Another Sight Screenshot

Kit can see more when the cat is near her because its meows give her echolocation. Because of this enhanced sight she can also run faster with the cat close by, meaning the player is incentivised to keep both characters close to one another. It’s an interesting mechanic but needs a little work – it’s never explained why the cat can give Kit echolocation, but her footsteps or own voice doesn’t, and the cats meow doesn’t light up enough of the area to make it worth keeping it around.

If these issues are fixed going forward, there’s certainly potential for Another Sight to be a very solid game.

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