EA closed out their E3 2018 Press Conference today with a solid showing of Bioware’s Anthem.

Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah, and Cathleen Rootsaert took the stage to break down some new details of the highly anticipated game. The trio detailed how the story will be separate from the action-packed combat as not to dilute it. Missions will take place in the shared world with other players but the home base is a total single player experience.

A detail that was stressed is that the entire game can be played solo if you so choose. Bioware wants multiplayer to be a choice, not a requirement.

The gameplay featured four players, with the typical E3 “real video gamer” script, flying through the world in their specialized suits. Each suit had special abilities to handle each situation they encountered. “You’re not your suit,” said Darrah, as players can switch their Javelin, as they’re called, to fit the need of different missions. Or if you’re in the mood to be a big ol’ tank or want to look like Iron Man.

The team also stressed that Anthem will not contain loot boxes or any way to pay for power.

Lastly, the release date was revealed. Anthem will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 22, 2019.

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