Battlefield 5‘s single player campaign, brought to us by DICE, Frostbite, and EA, appears to be following the story of a young Norwegian resistance fighter during the German occupation in Nordlys, Norway, in WWI.

In the trailer for the upcoming war shooter shown at Microsoft’s E3 2018 Xbox Press Conference, we’re told that we need to pay an unthinkable price, not just to protect ourselves – but that of our family too. As well as this, we’re introduced to a female character who has fallen into the frigid waters of a Norwegian fjord; presumably our resistance fighter, as a man voices over the trailer, musing of Norway’s beauty and horrors.

We’re shown characters skiing onto the scene, soldiers emerging through the snowy forests, ambushes on soldiers at a camp fire and then a dizzying montage of gunfire, explosions, heartfelt moments between characters leading up to the moment our protagonist plummets into the icy waters.

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More on this as it develops…

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