During Microsoft’s Showcase at E3 2018, Microsoft unveiled Dying Light 2, the next game from Techland.

There is nothing permanent except change, Heraclitus says, and that certainly seems to be the founding feature of the new Dying Light game.

We’re shown more of what we love of Dying Light, with a fluid parkour system, post-apocalyptic landscapes and tactical first person melee combat. We’re then introduced to Chris Avallone, the narrative designer of the game who tells us more about the big new changes to the game.

He claims that this is the first in its genre, in that Dying Light 2 will have consequences in the game that will effect how it looks, plays and what events will then occur. Everything in the game world can change based on the player’s actions.

Avallone then talks us through a gameplay demo, where the player is parkouring over some rooftops in order to go and take a mission from the Peacekeepers, one of the city’s many factions. The aim is to negotiate with two survivors who are hoarding a water supply. Taking on a mission can now lead to multiple pathways
of outcome, but at a cost.

In this example, if you do as the Peacekeepers wish and kill the survivors in order to reclaim the water, the faction can give water to the area which will boost morale and see the area becoming safer. You’ll also be able to replenish your energy on the go. However, the Peacekeepers are a strict group who will only do things their way, and will not tolerate anyone who goes against them.

However, you can choose to defy the Peacekeeper’s wishes. Instead, you can ally with the survivors and sell the water on the black market. This will give you all kinds of new resources and trade, but the cost is that it attracts the worst kind of survivor to the area.

Avallone promises that this is only a small example of a much larger, and uniquely tailored experience that players will choose.

Check out the trailer for Dying Light 2 below:

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And a world premiere gameplay trailer:

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