Ubisoft today announced that a brand new expansion would be coming to For Honor. Titled Marching Fire new maps, heroes, and more will be coming later this year.

For Honor: Marching Fire is set to land on October 16 and will bring more content to Ubisoft’s melee fighting game. In the trailer we saw the game’s iconic knight walk through a battlefield frozen in time only to walk towards a sand storm which formed a Chinese Dragon-like form.

Once the dust cleared we saw several new characters that’ll be coming to the game in Marching Fire that are a part of the Chinese faction the Wu Lin. This will bring teh current character roster to 18. In addition, a new game mode will arrive called Breach, a 4v4 game mode that’ll have players take part in a castle siege.

Check it out in the trailer below:

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In addition to the new content, Ubisoft is currently giving away a copy of For Honor on Uplay absolutely free between now and June 18.

You can also find trailers for the new Breach game mode, below:

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