Sony finally unveiled gameplay for their upcoming samurai action game, Ghost of Tsushima during their E3 stream last night, and it’s incredibly brutal.

Sucker Punch are pulling out all the stops with this game as the gameplay showed off not only a stunning environment but some incredibly tight swordplay as the protagonist sliced through enemies with ease.

In the trailer we saw Ghost of Tsushima‘s protagonist mount a horse and charge down a stunning countryside before being met with three antagonists. Three against one? Probably a little unfair, but no, the protagonist unleashed some well-timed counters as well as some brutally fast sword attacks putting a quick end to the trio.

Just when things looked to be getting a little tough, another friendly character ended the foe with an arrow to the back of the head. The trailer then tells a tale of betrayal as the once friendly character fired an arrow through the eye of a priest the player character just saved, thus resulting in an intense boss battle before more enemies come storming over the horizon.

Check out the insane gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima below:

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