When it comes to Destiny 2, or any MMORPG for that matter, I’m usually just a PvE player. So when I heard that the Gambit mode in Forsaken was a cooperative PvE mode that featured a PvP element, I was instantly interested. I don’t shy away from PvP by any means and really the PvP in Gambit isn’t that prominent and I think that might be where the game mode loses me.

My loss of interest Destiny 2‘s Gambit the game mode wasn’t helped by the fact that the team we were playing against clearly didn’t understand what to do until much later in the game, and the fact that I was playing a Warlock as opposed to my preferred and clearly superior Hunter class. But Gambit just felt more of a grind than a match I was trying to win. It was if it was the first room of a raid or a horde mode and a boss would show up every once in a while. Once that feeling sets in, it becomes super repetitive and you’re just running through the motions killing enemies along the way.

In Destiny 2‘s Gambit you collect little glowing pyramids called a Mote. You turn in Motes to spawn enemies for the other team to have to deal with. Which is supposed to be an inconvenience but, and I don’t know if this has to do with the other team being totally clueless, the enemies they sent us were never a hinderance. It was just another thing I had to kill. These enemies are referred to as ‘Blockers’ and they deactivate the Bank (where you turn in your Motes) for as long as they’re alive.

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Once your team turns in 25 Motes, a player from your team can jump in a newly activated portal and attempt to kill members of the other team. You only last a few seconds before you’re ported back but you can do some serious damage while you’re there. If you’re killing enemies and picking up Motes you can either turn them in quickly or bank them to send bigger Blockers to the opposing team. But if you bank your Motes to turn in a bunch at once, you risk losing them all if you’re killed. Which is really only ever a threat of an opposing team’s player enters your game.

By the end of it, all I had felt like I accomplished was learning the quickest way back and fourth across the map. Destiny 2‘s Gambit mode never felt like a competition, which could be because of the bad team, but overall it’s not a game mode that left a last impression on me and I’d much rather spend my time grinding out Daily Quests in PvE instead of this PvEvP mode that bored me very quickly.

Destiny 2‘s Forsaken expansion is set to land on September 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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