During Square Enix’s digital showcase we received another look at Just Cause 4, the upcoming sandbox adventure from Avalanche.

We were given another look at the game with a new trailer during which a voice-over explained some of the new features for the game. Just Cause 4 will feature weather effects such as sand storms, tornados, and lightning which will have an overall effect on the gameplay such as destroying bridges.

In addition, the game’s vehicles and overall handling has been overhauled to make everything a little more tighter. Speaking of tight, Rico’s grapple has also been overhauled with more customisation options which will make it easier for new players to get to grips with as well as offering deeper elements for existing players.

Booster Rockets are set to make a return as well as a new item, “Air Lifters” which are essentially Fulton devices from Metal Gear 5.

Enemies are also more intelligent, apparently, with existing archetypes having new abilities making it a little more difficult for Rico to blow shit up.

Check out the trailer below:

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