Sony treated us to more Kingdom Hearts 3 at their Press Conference, with Jack Sparrow and many other Pirates of the Caribbean favourites joining the fray.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Pirates of the Caribbean shifts the graphical style of the game from the bright, cartoon look of the other worlds, to a grittier more realistic tone. Seems we’re starting to see why this title has been taking so long. Seeing Jack Sparrow bring his unusual manner to Kingdom Hearts is a real joy to behold.

The trailer also offers up some interesting new gameplay in the form of naval battles, akin to those of titles such as Assassins Creed Black Flag. Allowing players to pilot the Black Pearl and fire upon enemy ships for control of the seas.

You can view the full trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 Pirates of the Caribbean bellow:

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We’re really excite to see what Kingdom Hearts 3 Pirates of the Caribbean brings to the title! For all information on Kingdom Hearts 3 and all other titles from this year’s E3, be sure to check out our E3 Page!


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