Madden is coming back to mobile, EA Games announced ahead of their E3 2018 showcase, with Madden NFL Overdrive Mobile.

Following up from its last stint on mobile, Madden NFL Overdrive has been built from the ground up to offer the ultimate mobile NFL game. One of the biggest additions this time around is the inclusion of PvP allowing players to test their skills against others plus, the game has been designed to offer much quicker stints of gameplay rather than full-fledged Madden matches.

Madden NFL Overdrive will also feature a brand new engine which EA says will make the game look better than past versions. The game will also feature real-time physics and a broadcast-style presentations adding that extra immersion to the game.

A new trailer has also been released for the game which you can see below.

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Players can pre-register for when Madden NFL Overdrive launches. When the game is released players will receive a free Kick Off pack when the new season starts. The game releases worldwide for iOS and Android devices on August 15.

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