Kicking off the Elder Scrolls portion of Bethesda’s E3 presentation, the company unveiled new content for their Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset DLC, as well as hints at future DLC content.

The showcase illustrated some of ESO’s award-winning world of Tamriel – including a return to locales familiar to fans of the universe’s scaliest lore.

ZeniMax, the subsidary responsible for Bethesda’s online game content, unveiled information about upcoming lands and quests, including a return to Tamriel’s Black Marshes. Also known as Argonia, fans of the Elder Scrolls’ lizard-faced race might recognize it as one of the most mentioned areas of the world, but least visited, at least in game. Players will finally be able to view first hand the origins of that infamous Argonian maid… with or without her lusty tendencies.

There were also hints of werewolf-based DLCs, but beyond the world “werewolves” – enough to pique my attention – information was scarce.

Dragons soaring over castle towns, screaming mud monsters, meteors falling from the sky, a mysterious dark wraith squealing out from a purple void. Minotaurs with flaming wings, chains falling from holes in the sky, knights riding beetles through marshes… you get the point. ESO seems to be trying pretty hard to keep it’s title as the MMO of the Year, and if this new content shows anything, it’s that proclivity for imaginative world building that makes the core series so engrossing is definitely carried over to their online audience.

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At Microsoft’s presentation earlier in the evening, the company also unveiled plans to release The Elder Scrolls Online as part of their subscription service, Game Pass. For now, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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