Coming from the E3 edition of the latest Nintendo Direct, we’ve been treated to the announcement of Overcooked 2!

Slated for an August 7 release, Overcooked 2 will be stressing everyone out until they have a nervous wee all over floor. With the new inclusion of being able to toss food, aspiring chefs will be launching food across the kitchen in an attempt to satiate the new foe, a zombie piece of bread called the… Unbread.

Stages are set to drastically change in Overcooked 2, with footage of a kitchen on a hot air balloon being shown at E3. While initially seeming fairly simple, the hot air balloon eventually crashes into a sushi restaurant, changing the setup entirely. Hopefully this continues as you get further through the game, with even wackier changes to the kitchen as you and your friends scream at each other to wash some plates.

Overcooked 2 isn’t a Switch exclusive, with it also being released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’s also set to feature online play, so if you can’t get people on a couch, you can still do your best Gordon Ramsey impression over the internet.

Are you excited for Overcooked 2, or is the idea of jumping back in to the kitchen stressing you out? Let us know in the comments below!

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