Today Bethesda announced that Prey would be getting a free update as well as new DLC all of which will be available today.

The new update for Prey will introduce two new modes into the game, New Game Plus and Survival. New Game Plus will of course allow players to start the game from the beginning but keep certain aspects of the game prior. As for the survival mode, this will bring a new challenge to players.

As for the game’s DLC, it’s titled Mooncrash and it’s basically Groundhog Day, but on the moon, and in the Prey universe. This DLC will be “infinitely playable” as each death changes the game in some way in the next life. Enemies, hazards, and loot are all different each time the player “reboots”.

Both the game update and Mooncrash DLC are coming today.

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In addition, Prey is set to get another update later this summer that’ll see the addition of Prey: Typhon Hunter which will set one player head to head with five others. This one player plays as a mimic and will be challenged to hide from the other players. It’s basically Prey‘s version of Prop Hunt.

Finally, Typhon Hunter will be coming to VR, as well as a new story mode which has players solve puzzles.

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