Remedy's Control Screenshot

Remedy Entertainment have just announced their latest game at E3. Titled Control, the game seems to be an action game in which you play as someone with telekinetic abilities.

Alongside flinging objects at people, it also has Remedy’s trademark third person shooter mechanics, developed in games such as Max Payne. Beyond what I have just said, I am afraid we know very little about the project. The trailer showcases some interesting architecture and futuristic gun design, so we can assume that it will be set in the near future, but beyond that it’s hard to say.

Remedy have a good track record, with the aforementioned Max Payne being one of my favourite franchises of the last twenty years. It’s a shame that they only made two. Then again, Remedy also made Alan Wake, which felt to me like “babbies first horror game” and left me incredibly bored. A lot of people liked it though, so maybe I should just shut up.

Check out the trailer below, it does look very interesting. I suppose we will just have to look forward to hearing more in the coming months.

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