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E3 2018: Secret Neighbor Announced

Find the traitor or die trying!

TinyBuild has announced Secret Neighbor, a new social horror game set in the Hello Neighbor Universe.

The events of Secret Neighbor take place during a “blackout” period of the main Hello Neighbor game, somewhere between Act 1 and 2. After their friend goes missing a group of friends sets out to break into their neighbor’s basement in hopes of rescuing them.

The only problem with this plan? One of the players is a traitor! Or “Neighbor in disguise”. This player is tasked with sabotaging everyone else and everything they do. This game is all about trust and deception.

Up to 8 players break into a procedurally generated house in search for keys that can unlock the basement door. One (or possibly 2) players are disguised traitors. Using the proximity voice chat, players need to figure out who this traitor is and work together to work their way into the basement.

Currently, the game is in pre-alpha stages. However, play tests will soon be happening! Anyone interested can sign up for the Alpha test at SecretNeighbor.com.
You can also check out the gameplay trailer below.

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