During Ubisoft’s press conference we finally received some gamplay details for Skull and Bones, the company’s upcoming pirate game.

Despite being recently delayed to 2019, Ubisoft wasn’t shy about showing details for the game. Starting with a cinematic trailer, we were then offered our first look at gameplay where the pirate had caught wind of a trade ship nearby. They embarked on a journey only to see that the island had a stronghold ready to take-down any pirate in its range.

Fortunately players can drop decoy sails to make them look like inconspicuous trade ships themselves. Once in a good position, they unleashed an attack, first at the trade ship’s escort, then at the ship itself scoring some Legendary Loot.

The attack however alerted a nearby War Ship which was too strong for the pirates to take on themselves, this is where the game’s co-op came into play. The player was able to recruit nearby ships to help with their battle. This is where we saw how different class ships had their own unique abilities on the water.

Unlike Sea of Thieves, Skull and Bones seems to give players total control of their ship and its crew, offering a more hands-off approach to sailing and battling. Though with the sea being a lawless entity, even ships that seem friendly may turn like the wind, especially when treasure is involved.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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