During Sony’s E3 press conference last night the company closed with some gameplay for Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-man game. Later that evening I got a chance to play the hands on demo and it might be one of the smoothest games I’ve ever played.

Insomniac nailed the web slinging. Moving Spider-Man through New York is incredibly fluent and just feels right. And that movement carries over into the combat while taking on eight or nine thugs.

The combat is very similar to that of the Batman Arkham games combining hand to hand attacks, the use of gadgets and objects from the environment all into one giant beat down. The end of the demo has you face of with Shocker inside of a bank. It follows the old ‘hit it three times’ trope but it makes you use the mechanics you learned earlier to take him down. So while it’s not super innovative, granted it’s just a demo, the game sets you up to succeed so that you feel like the experienced, ass kicking Spider-man.

September is packed with releases this year, since everyone is scared of Red Dead 2, but this small sample of Spider-Man might have push it to the top of my ‘most anticipated’ list.

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