Does Sonic need a car? Well no not really, but if he wants to compete in Team Sonic Racing he’s gonna need to grab some keys and put the pedal to the metal.

That’s the Blue Hedgehog and his pals are back for another instalment of racing. Multiplayer sees you racing against your pals or even teaming up with them to battle over players online.

Single player is for those, who want to race solo and do battle with the computer. Along the way, your usual Sonic Universe staples are back including Knuckles, Sonics friendly rival and occasional enemy.

Speaking of enemies, Shadow is hot in the hedgehog’s heels as well! Though, every time we get a Sonic game like this, we never get to see Maniac and Sonia. If you get that reference, you’re a 90s kid or you’ve just watched a lot of re-runs.

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Hitting in the winter, get ready to burn some rubber with Sonic and the gang!

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