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The Division 2 was shown during Xbox’s presentation at E3 2018, treating us to a story trailer and a gameplay demo of the game.

The story trailer recaps the nature of the virus that swept the world in the first Division and how society has devolved as a result. This game looks to be set in Washington DC, where we’re told the most important individuals were supposed to be evacuated in a catastrophe, but not this time. The game is set six months post-infection, and we go right into the gameplay demo.

The Division 2‘s E3 demo is one of those fake team talk gameplays, where the team are in a party together and definitely not running off of a script. None the less, the demo shows us the party going in to reclaim a capture point from the enemy; a crashed airplane. They work together, and we’re shown the new map, emote system and new inventory in the lead up to this, and are able to overcome enemy forces – including a heavily armoured enemy taken out by the player deploying a hive bomb and a series of shotgun blasts to the knees.

During this fight, and I could have seen this incorrectly, it almost looked as though the player shot a grenade on an enemy’s belt and it exploded? We’ll definitely need to look back on that one.

The players reclaim the control point and investigate the plane before they’re shaken by an explosion outside. The team investigate and come up together before jumping out of cover together to converge on an assault on the White House.

Check it out below:

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The Division 2 is set to launch on March 15, 2019.

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