The Division 2 unveiled a lot at Ubisoft’s E3 panel today, including a new cinematic trailer that follows one little girls paper airplane as it travels through the chaotic streets of Washington DC.

Though it looks like she’s not so bad off in her gated community, it quickly becomes clear that the destruction and chaos we saw in New York is right outside her door – and it wants to get inside. The Division 2 is full of all new factions fighting to take control of a broken city trying to get back on it’s feet. Returning as a member of The Division, it’s up to the player to reclaim the streets of DC and protect it’s survivors.

Players can choose from 3 different specializations, (sharpshooter, demolitionist and survivalist) to unlock a signature weapon and play out their own unique story. The Division 2 will feature 8 player co-op raids and 3 free DLC’s just in year one, which will offer additional content, events and title updates!

This trailer follows the scripted walkthrough shown at Microsoft’s conference yesterday.

The release date is set for March 19 2019.

What do you make of this new story in The Division universe? Let us know in the comments down below.

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