Bethesda closed out their stellar Press Conference this year with a teaser for The Elder Scrolls 6, causing half the world to explode at the prospect of not getting Skyrim again.

The released teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6 really doesn’t show us much, only a panning camera over a vast, open world (go figure) before the logo pops up on-screen, causing the world to stop turning out of pure shock. Needless to say, we’re a little bit excited about this, even though we don’t expect to see anything else about the title for a very long time now.

You can view the teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6 in full bellow:

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We’re ridiculously excited to see The Elder Scrolls 6 announced! Where do you think they’re going to go with the title? What do you want to see when the title eventually releases? Let us know bellow!



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