Another blast of information from E3 and Naughty Dog in regards to The Last Of Us: Part 2. We’ll be getting multiplayer, though it was probably a fair assumption based on the fact that The Last Of Us had multiplayer too.

The “Factions” multiplayer that was a surprise hit in the original game will be present in the sequel. “Factions is coming back” stated co-director Anthony Newman in an interview with GameSpot. Though Naughty Dog aren’t ready to go into details about it’s inclusion and execution in the eagerly awaited sequel.

Looking as brutal as it’s predecessor, we were treated to more The Last Of Us: Part 2 gameplay at the Sony E3 press conference. Set five years after the first game in  Jackson County, Wyoming (at least in regards to the E3 2018 Ellie clip), you’ll be taking charge of Ellie.

Though we’ve not got a release date set in stone, we’re eagerly awaiting any more information.

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