The Surge, Deck 13’s first steps into the Soulsbourne style of gameplay was met with mixed feelings. The game was unique in a number of ways, it’s sci-fi setting really set it apart from the crowd along with it’s brutal method of obtaining equipment upgrades by forcibly removing them from your enemies before sticking them onto yourself. The Surge 2 announcement was met with nothing but excitement from myself and fans, so getting to preview the title was an opportunity not to be missed.

We were walked through 30-minute gameplay demo of The Surge 2, revealing a new location, character, combat style, weapons and much more!

Fans rejoice as the depressingly linear path to progress has been abolished thanks to Jericho City. The Surge 2 takes place in a large open city, unlike it’s predecessor which was set in the tech-zombie infested CREO Facility. The new location promises to offer multiple paths of progress, similar to that of the Dark Souls series where players traverse a central Hub location in order to reach other areas of the game. Jericho City is currently locked down under quarantine thanks to CREO’s restoration project going horribly wrong in the previous title.

One major change comes from that of the player character, you’re no longer Warren and instead you’re able to create your own survivor/explorer in The Surge 2. Deck 13 are still unsure whether or not the protagonist will be a silent one just yet, but as we are still some time away from release, they’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.

In my opinion, a voiced protagonist would be better, as Warren’s interactions with the other survivors of the CREO Facility helped to provide that little extra context, especially when exploring CREO World in the DLC. The emphasis however is less on the character’s story but more on the story of Jericho City and its inhabitants, promising to offer expanded lore surrounding the world of The Surge.

The Surge 2 Screenshot

Deck 13 have expanded the number of available weapon classes from 5 to 10, allowing for a far greater variety of playstyle. One weapon shown off was an interesting Dual Blade weapon that starts off as two handed axe but splits into two smaller, faster blades as the combo continues. New weapons are not the only change as the Drone has received a little rework and now it’s weapon can be determined by that of sidearms removed from enemies.

The original’s drone projectile attack was always pretty feeble and so as a ranged weapon was fairly useless, however the one showcased in the demo packed quite the punch after being equipped with an enemy’s firearm. New modules and weapons for the drone are acquired in the same way as equipment for the player character, with limb severing/execution brutality.

We were also introduced to combat enhancements such as an active cloak module that some enemies were equipped with. Focusing on the armour segment housing the enhancement module allows you to break it and prevent the enemy from re-engaging the module. It’s unclear as to whether these upgrades can be acquired for use by the player as of yet but it would be safe to assume it becomes a possibility as the game progresses. Certain heavier enemies will feature more armour soft points, allowing for enhanced armour destruction and the player to create their own weakspots on the target.

The Surge 2 Screenshot

The enhanced destruction isn’t limited to just armoured individuals, but has been expanded out to allow for greater environmental destruction and manipulation as well. The new locations allow for multiple approaches to each situation, allowing players to utilise the expanded maps to their advantages and ensure their own survival.

Mechanically The Surge 2 appears to behave much the same as it’s predecessor, however it seems to be faster, smoother, allowing for higher paced combat. This comes in part from the new Directional Block mechanic that allows you to play more aggressively, staggering the enemy back and creating wider openings for attack. However with all techniques of its kind it comes with a higher risk, requiring precision timing to stagger the opponent, too early and your block drains precious stamina, too late and you get an axe to the face.

Overall The Surge 2 looks to expand on the framework laid down by its predecessor, allowing fans to further explore the lore and setting in faster, more exciting, action-packed ways. It looks to encompass everything fans of the series have been looking for and definitely one to pick up when it launches in 2019.

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