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E3 2018: Total War: Three Kingdoms will Feature Mandatory ‘Duels’

A new era, a new style and some new features.

In Spring 2019 (it’s closer than you think guys) Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released. The next major game in the Total War series will be known by the hallmarks of the previous games: a mix of statecraft, real time tactical battles, and that “one-more-game” feeling.

At E3 2018 we were given a short presentation on the game as well as a brief developer play through. This time we’re moving from the Rome, the time period that the 2012 release took place in, and moving to China. Set at a time of great upheaval in China, the game will take place over the course of major geo-political changes, civil war and the unification of China. All in all, it’s the perfect time and place for a Total War game.

The visuals mirror the setting once again, with the backgrounds and world map designed in a style that befits the Chinese setting. Even during the presentation we could see that, the ink and brush strokes have been replicated as closely as possible and the unit class cards have been stylised in a similar way. The campaign map is very striking and the developers are aiming to create the most visual yet.

The characters of the age are here once again, with mythical characters central to the campaign. As always, they will come with their own personality, motivations, friends and rivals. One new feature which The Creative Assembly discussed is that these character can interact in ‘duels’ which take place at the end of a battle. These confrontations cannot be refused (due to the emphasis placed on honour in this time period) and each character has abilities they can use to swing the battle in their favour. The motion capture used for this really brings the character models to life and is definitely a welcome addition to the game.

The full Total War: Three Kingdoms presentation at E3 can be seen below:

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Total War: Three Kingdoms is set to launch on PC in Spring 2019.

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