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E3 2018: What’s New in Overcooked 2?

More of the same, but in a good way.

Overcooked 2, sequel to the chaotically fun co-op game that took people (and parties) by storm, is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on August 7.

For those unfamiliar with Overcooked, you play as a chef in a collection of crazy kitchens with any number of hazards. Not only that but you must prepare orders for a variety of dishes – in co-op with friends (who may not be friends by the end). It’s manic, stressful and great fun.

Here are a few of the new features that could make Overcooked 2 even more exciting (or stressful) than the original game:

  1. Online multiplayer

For the first time, Overcooked 2 will feature online multiplayer. And while sitting on the sofa with your pals and cooking up a storm was an absolute hoot in the first game, it’s good to know that players can get their chef on when friends aren’t around too.

  1. Throwing

No, this doesn’t mean those teammates who just can’t seem to play the game properly – while present in the first game, throwing ingredients has now become an official mechanic. Who knows? Could be very useful in the new…

  1. Dynamic levels

…levels that change around you. Oh joy. If the pirate ship that shifted every 30-seconds or so didn’t send you into fits of rage, Overcooked 2 will feature even more wacky and awkwardly shifting levels.

  1. Recipes

Every chef needs to dust down their recipe book occasionally. If you’re sick of the same old Onion Soup from the original game now is your chance to whip up something new such as pasta, sushi and cake.

  1. Chefs

Ever wanted to cook a manic feast as an eagle, mouse, or beaver? No? Well you can just play as the new OCTOPUS!


Overcooked 2 comes to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, on 7th August 2018. Pre-order Overcooked 2 now to receive the ‘Too Many Cooks’ pack, which brings the Alien, Walrus, Unicorn, Monkey and Calico Cat chefs to the game.

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