Today at E3 2018, Xbox announced Devil May Cry 5, which is set to arrive in Spring 2019, and will also be available on the PlayStation 4.

The trailer starts with demons attacking the regular populace and the regular populace and soldiers attacking back… And then Nero and a female friend go ripping down a city street in a van that has the game logo written on its side in neon letters. There are some crisp cutscenes of them destroying demons by any means necessary. There also appears to be some gameplay footage within the trailer.

After the trailer, Director Hideaki Itsuno came onstage to announce that this upcoming game is the “true” sequel to Devil May Cry 4. Tantalizingly, promotional art at the back of stage featured Dante, but he wasn’t actually mentioned.

Devil May Cry 5 is being developed by Capcom and Ninja Theory. You may watch the trailer below.

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