After we reported on the European release of Mega Man 11 only being digital, fans of the Blue Bomber have taken to creating an online petition in the hopes of catching the attention of Capcom.

With Mega Man’s cult-character status, fans always clamour to support their favourite character. While there’s always unofficial figurines to buy, the best way to let a company known you love a franchise is to support its official releases, and European fans only want to be able to support Mega Man like their North American counterparts.

If you’re a European fan and want at least a chance at a physical copy of Mega Man 11 and a European release of the official Amiibo, then feel free to sign the petition here.

How do you feel about the release varying between regions? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us on Twitter, either the N3rdabl3 account or my own!

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