E3 press conferences kick off this Saturday. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, I’m excited.

I left a lot of third party titles off my previous predictions to break them down here. I didn’t want to include games in some of the bigger presentations that, in no way, were confirmed to be at either of those shows. So you get a nice collection of the remaining titles I wanted to make predictions about.

I wanted to write out little tidbits about some of these games we know something about, but that would just be me repeating known information. Which, to me, sounds pretty boring. So this is going to be different predictions for each project.

Activision confirms the player size for the Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and people are pissed that it’s less than 100 players. First prediction and I don’t love it but not everything is always a dream come true announcement. I know people like to hate on Call of Duty so this would just open the floodgates. But I can totally see Treyarch going for a ton of polish and adding different abilities to the game mode that limits how many players it can run smoothly. I think 100 should be the norm for battle royal and I bet Treyarch still hits that number but I wouldn’t be surprised they were forced to limit that to 50 players or something.

Square Enix shows off a new teaser trailer for The Avengers Project at Xbox’s Press Conference. Microsoft needs some big ‘gets’ for the next year of Xbox, especially with the lukewarm response from their first party titles. Of course, this game won’t be an Xbox exclusive but the Avengers game showing up on Xbox’s stage would be huge.

The Guardians of the Galaxy game WON’T be at E3 this year. Eidos Montreal is working on the GOTG game and it’s just a little too crowded for it to be at E3, in my opinion.

We WILL see the Final Fantasy VII Remake again, we WON’T learn anything from it. Square is going to keep our hype levels up but this game is still very far out. If we get a peek at gameplay during this time, consider all of us very lucky.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will get it’s release date, of course, and it will be in November and it WON’T be delayed beyond that. Bold, I know, but it’s time.

Rocksteady WILL show their new game at PlayStations conference and it WON’T be the rumored Superman Game. I’d love to be wrong about this one. I’d love to see what Rocksteady can do with a Superman game, but I have the gut feeling that it’s not happening. The rumored images looked awful anyway.

Mortal Kombat 11 is revealed. Ed Boone has been coy with some suspicious tweets. While it seems minor, this seems exactly like a tease from Boone.

Capcom delivers Resident Evil 2 and it’s different than the original but it’s awesome. And for fun, it has a VR mode. I don’t know how but it does.

Cyberpunk 2077 shows back up at E3 after a long absence. The game appears at the Xbox conference and we see scripted gameplay which is the talk of the weekend. Like I said, Xbox needs to big wins and this would be huge for their press conference. This game is still a ways out, I believe but seeing it in action at the Xbox conference for the first time will be huge.

E3 2018 Battle Royal Game Mode Oversaturation Extravaganza

I’d be lying if I said I had something prepared for this section of this article. The battle royal mode will show up in Destiny 2. Some new planet with reused assets, you know how it is. Honestly though, if Activision found a way to double down of battle royal, I wouldn’t be surprised.

There you have it, my predictions for E3 2018 are complete and some of them have already been confirmed and disproved. It’s been a wild swing of emotions with a flood of leaks and early announcements but I feel there’s still plenty to come at the big event. Hopefully proving the power of this magic keyboard but that’s not what’s important.

Remember to follow along with us for all things E3 at our E3 2018 hub and on Twitch where we’ll be live streaming the press conferences and chatting with the community about all the happenings. It’ll be a fun time.

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