In the wake of Fallout 76 being announced to be multiplayer, we’ve been left with a magnitude of questions. Will you be able to simulate your own Cold War with another group, both being too afraid to lose everything in the eventual nuclear attack? Will anyone’s buildings be safe if a group of maniacs get access to the nukes?!

While not ALL of your Fallout 76 questions have been answered, Bethesda marketing boss, Pete Hines, has you covered for some of them. From the interview, we now know that:

  • You have to scavenge the world to find pieces of the launch codes.
  • Once you find all the codes, you have to make your way to a launch facility.
  • You can’t target other players, you can only target specific parts of the world.
  • Any players in the selected area will receive a warning, giving them the opportunity to escape in incoming death.
  • Once the Nuke hits, the area selected will turn in to a high level zone, so stronger monsters, better loot, better resources and of course, massive radiation

“You can’t nuke each other,” Hines explained. “You can nuke a specific part of the world. It’s a massive map, it’s four times the size of Fallout 4 so it’s a really big space. But first of all, getting the ability to launch a nuke is not easy.”

Thankfully, player-made settlements seem to be able to be easily transportable. So if you don’t want your stuff to be nuked to kingdom come, you can pack it all up and ship out.

So with this, nukes seem to be less of griefing tool and more of a way to generate the end game content in Fallout 76.

Are you excited about the inclusion of a nuclear arms race in Fallout 76? Or are you annoyed that you can’t nuke your friends settlement after he stole your favourite bobblehead? Let us know in the comment section below!

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