Fear the Wolves, the new STALKER inspired Battle Royale title from Vostok Games, is set to enter Beta in the near future.

Fear the Wolves was first revealed back in February, and appears to be taking the standard 100 player deathmatch formula and adding its own twist, which players will be able to experience for themselves soon. Players will need to extract out of the map to survive, and the world is set to be ridden with anomalies, rabid animals, and monsters all posing threats alongside the other players.

Fear the wolves is set to hit early access sometime this summer, but before that players have the chance to partake in a closed Beta for the game, for which they can register on the game’s official site.

While this will not guarantee you an invite, you’ve got to be in it to win it right? Hopefully this will mean we’ll see some gameplay footage soon also.

Are you excited for Fear the Wolves? Burned out on Battle Royale? Let us know below!

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