During Square Enix’ E3 2018 digital showcase this week, the company announced one of the most epic crossovers ever, Final Fantasy 14 x Monster Hunter: World which will see monsters from Monster Hunter crash into the world of Final Fantasy 14.

The showcase first announced the crossover with a nice teaser trailer revealing very little in terms of details, but now more information has surfaced as to what we can expect from Square’s partnership with Capcom. This Summer, Final Fantasy 14 Online players can expect to find “King of the Skies” Rathalos invading their game.

Check out that trailer below:

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Square Enix has also detailed how players can participate in the “King of the Skies” Rathalos event and for some it might require some work. In order to participate players are required to create a character in Final Fantasy 14 Online and reach Level 70 as well as complete the main scenario, Stormblood.

That’s not all however, as Capcom has also announced that The Behemoth from Final Fantasy 14 will also be appearing in Monster Hunter: World. This monster will come as part of the game’s fourth Title Update this Summer.

A trailer for this collaboration can also be seen below:

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So for fans of both Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy 14 Online, there’s plenty of content coming your way! More info can be found over on the game’s website.

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