While the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was notably absent from Square Enix’s woeful E3 2018 press conference, they’ve been quick to reassure everyone that the game is being worked on

In an interview with IGN, Testuya Nomura, director of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake made every attempt to dispel rumours that game wasn’t being worked on

“It’s not just in the early concept stages,” Nomura claimed. “We are actually in development.”

While we haven’t had any good news about the project since it’s announcement at the Sony E3 Conference in 2015, we’ve been treated to some pretty damning news. In May 2017, Square Enix took the project away from CyberConnect2, who notably worked on Asura’s Wrath and the Nautro Shippuden series, and brought it in house. Project lead Naoki Hamaguchi stated that it was “because we want to control everything, including quality, on a stable schedule” but that them taking it in house was “a sensitive topic”.

Surely if they wanted control over everything, Square Enix should’ve taken it in house to begin with?

As Nomura is working on both Kingdom Hearts 3, which is scheduled for a January 2019 release, it’s safe to say that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be a little ways off.

With the initial 2017 delay and no new news on the horizon, could Final Fantasy 7 Remake slowly slide into being a PS5 release title?

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What do you guys think? Are you still excited to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or had you forgotten that Square Enix had even announced it? Let us know in the comments below.

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