Over a month after the first teaser poster for Suspiria was released, Amazon Studios has released the film’s first official trailer.

The trailer mainly consists of second-long clips and begins with our presumed protagonist breathing heavily and looking overwrought, and then we cut to another woman smoking a cigarette. A man walks by a building, and we see some clips of feet moving across a floor and posters that give hints to setting of the dance academy. Odd shots like a woman’s lips and horses running as well as someone flipping through a diary with cryptic notes about families come next.

In a police station, we see a woman studying a missing persons poster, and then there is a cut to the woman on the poster outside the old building the old man walked by earlier in the trailer. There’s then a cut to a sheet outdoors that’s stained with blood in the shape of a human body. Through varied, quick clips afterwards, we see young women being watched–by an older woman, by the older man from earlier, and even from an antique photograph with piercing eyes. There’s a shot so quick it’s easily missed of a woman’s bound wrists–and then we see the two women come together, with implications of slasher violence, bodily decay, sex, and supernatural events cut in quickly.

The trailer has no dialogue at all, instead relying on ambient noise to build tension. For those who have seen the original Suspiria (1977), which this 2018 horror film is a remake of, it’s easy to see the plot points and even some familiar motifs. An aspiring dancer (Jessica Harper in the original, Dakota Johnson in the remake) is accepted into a prestigious dance school in a foreign country. Many strange and grisly events start to envelop the young dancer, who is desperate to escape.

Suspiria (1977) pushed the boundaries of violence, sex, and visceral horror at the time it came out, and it looks like this upcoming remake will push the graphic elements similarly, adjusted for contemporary audiences and expectations.

You may watch the trailer for the Suspiria remake below.

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Although this trailer only has fall 2018 listed as a release date, the Youtube account that uploaded it claims that November 2 is the release date for the film.

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