On Monday, Jason Blum tweeted that the very first trailer for the upcoming Halloween reboot/reimaging will release this Friday.

The newest addition to the Halloween series is directed by David Gordon Green, who also co-wrote the film with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley. It’s been known for some time that Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to the franchise and reprising her role as Laurie Strode, silent killer Michael’s sister and regular target of his attacks.

The upcoming film will retcon all other sequels to the original Halloween, and executive producer John Carpenter has said that the film will be more like an “alternate reality” take on the tale rather than a complete reboot. Little else is known about the film yet, but Comicbook.com has described footage shown at CinemaCon that shows filmmakers investing the events shown in the original film, approaching locals and encouraging them to describe what they’ve heard about the incidents and even Michael himself, which sets off a chain of nasty events. It is not entirely clear if the video shown at CinemaCon was a sort of prologue to the new film, or actually contained footage from it.

In addition, Universal Pictures has released some images giving us our first look at Michael Myers, check it out below:

Halloween will be hitting theatres October 19.

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