Fornite Battle Royale launched on Nintendo Switch last night and those who have previously played the game on PS4 are finding they they can’t login to the game on their Switch.

Sony’s continued refusal to adopt cross platform/network-play is once again harming players for no good reason. Players are quickly finding out that if they’ve used their Epic Games account to play Fortnite on their PS4, or have even connected their PSN account to their Epic Games account, will not be able to login to the game on Switch… or any other platform for that matter.

This means that progress, purchased items, and more won’t be carried over to the Switch version, if that’s what players want. There’s currently no work around for this either as unlinking PSN accounts from Epic Games accounts still causes the login to fail simply because it’s previously been associated with a PSN account.

The only solution is to create a new Epic Games account for use on the Nintendo Swtich, but this of course will leave a sour taste in the mouths of those who have put plenty of time into the game on PS4. As you can imagine, people aren’t happy.

Accounts associated with mobile, PC, or Xbox One accounts are not effected.

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this is why people should not support sony no corporation is good but sony really is the worst of a bad bunch