So unless you’ve been living under a rock, The World Cup is broadcasting around the world beaming football straight to the nearest screen. Though not everyone is a football fan, and if that’s you what else can you do?

Well, how about trying to get these nerdy sports to exist in real life?



I know that people have had a go at getting Beyblade to become an Olympic Sport but maybe, just maybe we can get it as World Cup?

I mean if you think about it, it’d be kind of cool. Maybe a real-life version of Kai exists and he could be the mascot if the tournament was based in Russia along with his bit beast, Dranzer.

You know, that could even lead to it becoming fashionable for men to wear face paint like Kai did.

Mojoverse Games

Imagine if a budding sporting organisation made a deal with the deranged dictator Mojo?

The X-men baddy runs a whole reality around demented gladiator games.

So, if your country has got any badasses or UFC fighters at loose end during the summer every 4 years, it would at least give them something to do.

Or you know, if you have mutants floating around, let them have a go? But don’t force them, that’s cruel.

The Chunin Exams

It’s time to evolve the art of the ninja and bring it up to date. It’s time for ninjas to leave behind their dated techniques and learn how to summon giant frogs and wear orange tracksuits.

Failing that, just train a bunch of kids in martial arts, gymnastics, and stealth techniques and make them battle each other.

Imagine it like a skilled Hunger Games or like Wushu (a choreography based martial arts performance in Japan) but not actually choreographed.

The Raven Games

Who else remembers Raven from CBBC during the early 2000s?

A fantasy game show about a fictional demi-god enlisting kids to take place in a series of obstacle courses in an attempt to bit an evil force.

I’m sure most countries have a bunch of kids that’d love to take part in real life and it’s much more fun than a Dungeons and Dragons event.

Have we missed a really obvious one? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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