As promised, the latest trailer for the Halloween film due out later this year premiered.

The trailer presents an interesting take on the usual Halloween story: the first shots imply a guarded facility, and then there is a woman with a man talking into a microphone. The man then announces that he and his partner are at the facility to investigate a man that “killed three innocent teenagers on Halloween 1978.” The man goes on to explain that subject was shot by his own psychiatrist and taken back into custody, where he has spent the past 40 years.

We then see the pair in a rather surreal looking open-air enclosure approaching a man whose face is unseen, as a dog whines. The man who spoke earlier holds up the Michael mask, as the dog begins to bark and the other patients began to act erratically.

There is a touting of companies involved, and then we cut to some teenagers walking around a rather familiar neighborhood all set for Halloween. One of which is Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) granddaughter, who dispels some of the local urban legends about her formerly homicidal great-uncle. We then cut to Laurie Strode, who still clearly bears some emotional scars from Michael. She says that she “prays every night that he would escape“… And it cuts to a police officer asking what the hell she has done that for, with no indication of what “that” is. She responds with, “So I can kill him.” The former victim has become rather proficient with guns, it seems.

Things begin moving much more quickly after that moment. A man and his son in a car skid to a stop to avoid hitting inmates, Laurie tells her family about a bus crash which allowed Michael to escape. And Michael immediately starts doing what he does best. This time, however, it seems Laurie is ready for him.

The upcoming movie is meant to retcon all films in the franchise after Halloween II. Superficially, it does seem to have some points in common with Halloween 4:The Return of Michael Myers, which take place after a time skip of several years and follows Michael as he breaks out of confinement and returns to his old ways.

You may watch the trailer for Halloween below.

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Halloween will premiere in theatres on October 19.

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