Headsnatchers is set to bring insane party-game action to Steam’s Early Access on July 10, publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced.

Headsnatchers is what you’d get if you mixed games such as Gang Beasts and Overcooked with the hilarity of Japanese game shows. The game has players battling it out in an attempt to snatch each other’s heads and use them in a series of insane mini games.

These mini games include dunking a friends head in a basket, or simply flushing it down the loo. Headsnatchers sounds, and looks, absolutely insane.

In addition to the multiplayer party action, the game also offers a single-player zombie mode, 4-player couch play, as well as 4-player online multiplayer. In addition to all of the wild heads already available, the game will also allow players to design their own.

Check out the game’s Early Access trailer below:

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“We had a lot of fun showing this game at PAX East where people were in fits of laughter playing it. We are eager to start receiving players’ feedback in this early access phase and to polish the game with final tweaks”, says Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive.

Headsnatchers is set to hit Early Access on July 10.

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