After an absolutely mindblowing E3 2018, Microsoft has unveiled what’s in store for Xbox Live Games with Gold, and it’s an indie delight.

Kicking off the month of July, we’ve got Assault Android Cactus a fantastic twin-stick shoot ’em up which has players blasting their way through hoards of rogue robots to take back control of the Genki Star after crash-landing on the freighter. Assault Android Cactus is available throughout the month of July.

From July 16 however, players will be able to grab a friend and jump through the seemingly endless series of puzzles in Death Squared. While single player is available, hopping on with a friend makes the game even more enjoyable.

As for Xbox 360 players, from July 1 through to July 15 they’ll be able to mash some buttons in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. From July 16 through to July 31, players will be able to sneak it up in Splinter Cell Conviction.- which will hopefully make up for the lack of a Splinter Cell announcement at E3.

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That gives you just a few days to get a hold of June’s Xbox Live Games with Gold titles, so what are you waiting for?!

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