During a livestream today, WB Games and IO Interactive announced that Hitman 2 will be releasing November 13.

Bringing back the iconic Agent 47, Hitman 2 will bring players new missions for you to skulk around corners and plot your assassinations. Though details are scarce, we know that we’ll be stalking our prey through rain forests and to a racetrack in Miami.

Co-op will also feature in the new game, in a Sniper Assassin mode. Again details are scarce, but it seems like you’ll be working together to coordinate assassinations by shooting various hazards. Pre-ordering the game allows access to this mode instantly.

Hopefully Hitman 2 will be similar in content to the completed version of Hitman, while also being supported post release, but there are no details on this at the moment. We shall see if we get any more details at E3 this month.

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