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A gameplay trailer has been released for the next season of Hitman, showcasing a mission set during a Formula One style race.

For those not cool enough to have ever heard of the Hitman series, the games place the player in the well polished shoes of Agent 47, the world’s greatest assassin. Across the series, players have to eliminate targets across the world in a huge multitude of different ways. The levels are large and open, giving Mr 47 the freedom to kill his targets how he likes. Well, at least that is the case in every entry except Hitman: Absolution, where it seems the developers just got tired of making good games and wanted to see just how big a shit they could be.

The latest iteration of Hitman has been episodic, with larger missions being released across the year. Last season consisted of six large maps, with at least two targets on each. Many complained about the lack of levels at the time, but to be honest that is not an entirely damning indictment. If your main issue with something is that you want more of it, that does not reflect too poorly on the product. After all, a game that stretches on way past the point of enjoyment is far worse, just go play through all of Alien: Isolation if you want a demonstration. The gameplay was solid, the maps fun and engaging, and the targets all well-developed and interesting. I am pretty excited to see the next episodes come out in November this year.

Not too much is given away in the trailer, besides showcasing yet another gorgeous and fun looking level. I am looking forward to luring all the attendants of this massive racing spectacle into the toilets so I can throttle them to death for my own sick amusement. (I’m worried about you, seek help)

You can check out the trailer for Hitman 2 bellow:

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What do you think of the Hitman franchise? Do you like the episodic format? Did you enjoy Absolution but don’t suffer from brain damage? Let us know in the comments below!

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